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Formerly an engineer, I have been working in the software industry for the past 10+ years, as a Product Designer, User Researcher, Interaction Engineer and Design Lead; spanning across desktop, mobile and web applications.

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A significant part of what I do is distiling requirements from legal and business partners, and lining them up with user needs.

In the course of doing so, I conduct and participate in LUMA workshops with stakeholders to define, map and prioritize their requirements. The outcome of these activities are extremely valuable, where consensuses are reached and expectations are set.


With well researched data, only then we are able to make informed decisions about opportunities and strategies.
Having worked in this trade for more than a decade, I am well versed in both camps of user research: quantitative and qualititative.

To better understand the people my products are serving, I employ methods such as user interviews, contextual inquiries, usability testing, 5-second test, etc. amongst many others.

On a regular basis, I review analytics data across user touchpoints, seeking out insights on behavioral patterns and conversion trends. From time to time, I also set up and run A/B or multivariate experiments to prove or refute assumptions.



I design not only the layout and motion of user interfaces, but also the information architecture and data model of the system. My belief is that good design should be able to cover the user journey from end-to-end.

Journey map

I believe in scientific methods whereby any element can be tested and measured. Thus, I have built up my forte around prototyping and testing. My wide spectrum of prototyping abilities range from paper to digital, low to high fidelity, static to interactive, and even to the aspects of interpretative and compilable code.


The key activity essential to successfully accomplishing many of the tasks laid out by the design. Having worked from waterfall to Scrum, Kanban and Agile, I found that it is imperative to deliver well-defined communicable artifacts to convey intent and meaning.

Some of these artifacts I've created include personas and scenarios, journey and experience maps, flow diagrams, site maps, wireframes, reports, specifications, visual assets and markup files.

Identity service image

Identity Service

The Identity Service is a cloud-based platform that provides single sign-on for authenticating and authorizing users across all Autodesk applications and services.

As the lead designer, I design and develop all manners of workflows and interfaces for this platform; as well as collaborate with stakeholders on how the platform can be effectively and efficiently developed to meet both users and business needs.

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Autodesk profile image

Autodesk Profile

A microservice providing users' extended profile information throughout the Autodesk ecosystem. The goal is to allow easy user management and surfacing of profile information in private and public environments, in ways that are familiar, secure and seamless.

Part of a 7-member team comprising of designers, product managers, and management staff, I craft scenarios, iterate concepts and develop prototypes towards a sustainable and consumable design.

Autodesk Vault

Vault add-ins

The Vault add-ins is an array of middleware desktop applications integrated with various Computer-Aided-Design products, helping design teams track versions and collaborate with their tool of choice.

I started on the add-ins the day I joined Autodesk and ceased involvement in May 2014. My last role on this team was a design lead, whereby I mentor, distribute and review assignments with design peers based in Munich and Shanghai; while other objectives focused on researching mental models and environmental constraints, designing workflows, and improving designer-developer collaboration.

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Mini Explorer

Mini Explorer

A Windows-based application that works as a navigation platform attached to various Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. This particular project was created out of empathy for existing users who have been enduring with painful workflows connecting the CAD software to data storage facilities.

Part of a five member team, I was the product owner and the only designer for this project. My responsibilities involved creating and maintaining the backlog; researching and providing information requirements; designing screen compositions and interaction behaviors.

The Repo

The Repo

An experimental mobile application that allows Autodesk Vault users to view engineering data on the move. This application serves mainly shop floor users, providing manufacturing information such as bill of materials (BOM), and associated visualizations for reference and validation.

This project involved a party of three individuals (including myself), all working on a part-time basis; whereby I was the information architect, visual and interaction designer as well as the product owner. My responsibilities involved wire-framing, designing the interface layout, creation of visual assets, and the storyboard scenes in Xcode.

Vault Thin Client

Thin Client

The Autodesk Vault Thin Client is a web-based application that allows users to view engineering data as well as perform simple modifications off manufacturing shop floor terminals. This application was conceived mainly to address deployment pains on Information Technology (IT) administrators given that the existing Windows-based thick client consumes intensive efforts during migration and/or an upgrade.

Part of a eight member team, I am one of the two user experience personnel for this project. As the only designer, my responsibilities involved creating and maintaining user stories for development; distilling research information; wire-framing and prototyping interactive behaviors.

Forge Platform

Forge Platform

A portal that allows Autodesk developers to submit internal and external facing APIs, which are in turn are used by external developers to create applications for various industries.

Part of a five UX member team, I had significant contributions to this project, namely: setting up the information architecture and navigation structure of the entire site, designing the monetization and billing workflows, as well as providing leadership to other user experience and learning content designers.

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